OKTECH-Info Kft. is a small company providing IT education, technology consulting, agile coaching and startup-like software development.

Our clients include top IT companies for training courses; multinational banks and insurance companies for enterprise consulting. We use our spare-time to develop cool products, scalable Internet services or somehow useful research tools.
Top services

Consulting - We have wide expertise in object-oriented software development, from requirements analysis to performance testing and tuning.

Training - From OO Analysis and Design to Java EE technologies and Spring our trainings cover a lot of ground.

Agile coaching - We follow and practice agile principles; provide agile training, coaching.
Top public products

NEW! A full-length sample module (Lifecycle of a bean) from our Spring Training at prezi.com.

NEW! Knolibri - Public learning and quiz service with collaborative quality assurance.

Deect - Multilingual, concept-based dictionary and language learning community

OKTECH Profiler - Low-overhead Java profiler that helps you detect application bottlenecks.