About us

Our name represents the combination of education, technology and IT (in Hungarian), because we have founded our company to provide such services. As we have faced various requirements from our clients, we have extended the scope of our services, now providing tools and we are leading by example in the technology field.

Primary contacts

Szádeczky-Kardoss, Szabolcs: e-mailLinkedInarticles

Soós, István: e-mailLinkedInarticles


We are used to work with remote locations, therefore it is not unusual for us to work from home (we are environment- and family-friendly anyway) or from our office (Hungary, H-2600, Vac, Zichy H. u. 12.). However if the client requires us on-site, we will perform our work wherever requested.

Further questions?

Feel free to contact us for more information on the following e-mail address: info@oktech.hu