We are providing the following consulting services to our clients:
  • Technical and business requirement analysis, technology evaluation and architecture design
  • Team coaching through the designed architectures and selected technologies
  • Recommendations on cloud-computing
  • Development services
  • Quality assurance, code reviews, code analysis
  • Unit, integration, performance, regression testing

Embraced technologies

Without trying to provide the full list of our technology stack, here is a few named technology we embrace for a specific task:

  • Spring Framework for modular application design and infrastructure baseline along the Java EE standard library stacks
  • Wicket, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), jQuery, Java ServerFaces (JSF) for different kinds of web application development
  • Swing for client-side Java applications
  • Lucene for indexing free texts or building special indices
  • Liferay Portal for enterprise-level portal solutions, JSF-portlet bridge for easier portlet development, further AJAX solutions
  • BPEL, Glassfish + OpenESB for service-oriented architectures (SOA)
  • Amazon Web Services, EC2, SimpleDB for cloud computing

We are flexible and choose the best-fit technology for the actual job.

We usually develop in-house products or work for the client through consultant assignments, however we are open to participate in any software development. If unconstrained, we usually develop in the following screen-driven, service-based fashion:
  1. User-interface design, HTML designs
  2. Working front-end prototype with mock services
  3. Service consolidation and structure alignment
  4. Service implementation and testing
  5. End-to-end application testing
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