Online applications


Collecting and sharing knowledge in an innovative and efficient way, Knolibri is a public learning and quiz service with collaborative quality assurance.


Deect is a multilingual, concept-based dictionary and lexicon. It will be an emerging language learning community portal and a site to help translations of texts between languages.

Perfomance analysis

Java Profiler

We have developed a Java performance analyzer tool that allowed us to spot a few hard-to-tell issue at our clients. We have decided to make it open source (OKTECH-Profiler) and accessible for everyone. Key features:
  • low-overhead profiling (applicable in production environments)
  • uses stack trace sampling and/or byte-code instrumentation
  • is able to work remotely, behind unreachable firewalls, no direct supervision client is required

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Cloud computing tools


Calciuum is our swiss-army-knife library that allows us to use the development, test, and cloud environments behind the same API. For example we can use highly-optimized local storage to work the same way SimpleDB would work, allowing us to execute local unit tests, prototyping and debugging really fast.

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