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Java Profiler


Our OKTECH Profiler can be used to find performance bottlenecks inside a Java application and any dependent library without any direct code modification. We provide sampling and instrumentation to achieve this goal, depending on the needs of the use case. The typical ones are the following:
  • performance analysis of production applications
  • performance analysis of unit tests - less precise, but gives details without the need to deploy it in production
  • performance measurements of given methods
  • trace analysis for better understanding the call-flow

OKTECH Profiler is open source, you can download it from the project site.


Local Java agent:

  • there is no need to connect with remote management application
  • firewalls do not stay in the way, the dump can be copied later

Remote JMX client:

  • allows profiling already-running production applications
  • Stack trace sampling:

Configurable sampling frequency

  • removes the inaccuracy of method-level profiling (e.g. times in the 10-100 ns range)

Runtime byte-code modification:

  • no manual code modification, instrumentation happens at load time
  • profiled (and non-profiled) classes can be configured with regular expressions

Detailed trace:

  • traces constructors
  • traces static and non-static methods
  • traces (measures or estimates) thread CPU time and user time
  • follows full execution trace, allowing path analysis and complex statistics
  • provides summary on each method

Tested in production environments:

  • works with complex classloader structures (e.g. application servers like JBoss and Glassfish) - although this feature was important only when we have used only the instrumentation profiler
  • successful used at clients, analyzed performance bottlenecks

Commercial Support

Advanced support is typically billed on timed-material, per-client basis, but we are flexible to meet your need. Please contact us for specific inquiry. If you require standard support (fixing critical bugs within 10 work-days, answering technical questions on the use of the profiler within 2 work-days) you can get it for 400 EUR for your team.